Kolapasi Waterbottle


Made from Aluminum, 750 ML capacity

Every kolapasi bottle is a story waited to be exchanged and an opportunity to create awareness of water shouldn’t be sold as a commodity.

In today’s commercial life , we are forced to make every resource and the boon of nature as a commodity . We wouldn’t able to make a change in every aspect but we could stop commercializing our basic needs like air and water . At kolapasi, we never believed in selling water and we have never endorsed the idea of selling Packaged drinking water . With that thought being our motivation , we have decided to launch our kolapasi bottles which you can buy at our stores and website . You can walk into any of our stores and refill your kolapasi bottles . The launch of the bottles is to create an awareness that we don’t sell water and water shouldn’t become a commodity in our daily lives . We are standing for a cause that will help save the non commercial humanity within us . Not that we are doing anything bigger but making a noise that might be tomorrows change


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