Our Story

A man travels the world in search of what he needs and comes home to find it!
George Moore

  Anyone living alone always yearns for that comfort food made by their mothers and grandmothers from their home kitchens. In the kitchens of India, traditional cuisine has been handed down through generations and culture has been sustained.

Santhosh problem solving mind got to work and he along with couple of his close friends Adithya and Padmanabhan came up with an idea for a brand that was accessible for people without any of the extra fills.

 The Beginning…

An idea that took seed in the mind of founder Santosh Muruganantham almost a decade ago, has now flourished into a hugely successful chain of takeaway restaurants that  deliver on their promise of homely meals that don’t compromise on taste.

Food that not only tastes good, but DOES good

We like food that tastes good, but we love food that does good — meals that transcend the plate and change our world for the better. With ‘kolapasi’, we set out to reframe the way we think about being a socially responsible organization. We strive to build an all exclusive kitchen  by hiring transgender staff and making water free and accessible for all.

A taste of home

Being far from home can be difficult. Especially when you miss your Amma’s podi and chicken chukka.Kolapasi makes the best of home made South Indian delicacies that will bring you a little closer to home.

     We won’t just fill your tummy but your heart too! Come experience Kolapasi’s wholesome food today 🙂

Kolapasi - The Story

The story of Kolapasi started with one man’s hunger to solve a problem. When Santhosh Muruganantham, returned from the US he craved warm, homely, yummy food that would satiate his hunger. But with both him and his wife working, this kind of food was hard to find. Regular restaurants did not satisfy this craving. Santosh’s problem-solving mind got to work and he came up with an idea for a brand that was accessible for people without any of the extra frills. With a simple delivery and takeaway menu that doesn’t compromise on quality, and meals that satiated everyone’s craving – Kolapasi was born.  

What makes Kolapasi different?

                                              –  Budget friendly meals to suit every pocket

                                                  Kolapasi’s food combo’s start at a budget friendly price to ensure your meals are taken care of all day, everyday                                                         without causing a strain on your pocket. 

                                              –   Food that not only tastes good, but is also packaged well

                                                   Our food comes in easy to eat, microwave-able packaging that doesn’t spill or leak.

                                               –   No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives

                                                    Amma approved recipes that are easy on the stomach but great in taste.

                                                –  Available close to you

                                                    Kolapasi has multiple franchises that ensures hot, tasty food near you, delivered in as little time as possible!

                                                 –  Taste before you buy

                                                     We absolutely understand that everyone has a different palette. So before you buy our food, feel free to taste to                                                        ensure you get an enjoyable meal.

                                                 –  Saving you the most precious commodity : time

                                                     It’s a fact that a person spends close to 100 hours of their time in the kitchen, cooking. That’s  2-3 hours a day.                                                             Imagine what you can do with all that extra time! Pursue a hobby, spend more time with family, or just use that                                                       time to rest.

A Socially Conscious Company

Kolapasi believes in building a socially responsible and ethical brand that gives back to the community. From ensuring everyone has access to water, to creating an inclusive workspace by hiring transgenders, Kolapasi tries to give back in the smallest of ways.

                                                – Water is not a commodity

                                                  At Kolapasi, just carry your own water bottle or buy a water bottle from us and refill it as many times as you need.

                                                –  An inclusive and diverse workplace

                                                   We hire employees that do good work, irrespective of the gender they identify as. Our transgender employees                                                          are an important part of creating a socially inclusive workplace that provides opportunities to all.

                                                 – Say no to soft drinks

                                                    Remember the tasty yummy sharbath’s we drank as children? At Kolapasi we believe in saying no to soft drinks                                                                         and providing healthy and refreshing alternatives. Great taste with 1/3 the amount of sugar.

                                                  – Giving back, as much as we can

                                                    From providing food during the flood relief efforts, to feeding protesters who were fighting to lift the ban on                                                              Jallikattu On Marina beach, we aim to give back in small ways whenever we can.                                                 

Partner with us

Started in 2013, Kolapasi has quickly grown to 15+ outlets across South India and also expanding Internationally. We
started with just one centralized kitchen, one outlet and a dream, to deliver homely meals
that taste great.

At Kolapasi, we moved away from a chef-dependent model to a process dependent one. Each
dish is dispatched from a centralized kitchen and only needs to be seasoned at each outlet,
thus ensuring consistency in the taste of all dishes across all outlets.

With a streamlined supply system, shorter launch time and brand support at every step
Kolapasi ensures success for all its partners.


Authentic Food | Always Made Fresh | A Delicious Experience

Chicken Chukka Biryani

Pieces of tender chicken are marinated with fragrant rice in this redolent mixture of
heady seasonings, rich onion and tomato gravy and locally sourced spices. Bursting with
flavour and zing, this dish is the perfect accompaniment for a night in.

Kolapasi Spl Chicken Ghee Rice

An aromatic rice cooked with a bouquet of spices, ghee and nuts. A family favorite, serve
with a generous squeeze of lime.

Curd Rice + Chicken Keema

Check out our ‘Morattu Single Combo’s special; Curd Rice + Chicken Keema! A delicious
and filling meal for those mid-week blues.

Seafood Meals

An assortment of Home-Style Chicken Gravy + Chicken chukka + Steamed Rice + Curd +