Entrepreneurs do their bit to bolster protesters stamina

June 8, 2015by admin0
For the past three days, the kitchen of Kolapasi takeaway has been unexpectedly busy. After finishing the orders for the regular business, some of the staff stayed back to pack food for those who have been protesting at the beach.
The movement shouldn’t fizzle out because of hunger,” says Dhilipan M, who coordinated to get food packets during the protest. “One of my friends, who runs a restaurant ensured that they packed extra lunch for the protestors. The best part is he didn’t take money for those 100 packets of food.”

Read More: https://www.dtnext.in/News/City/2017/01/20230825/1025820/Entrepreneurs-do-their-bit-to-bolster-protesters-stamina.vpf?TId=112131

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